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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spinning for the first time!!

Okay, I have a newfound obsession with spinning.
I ordered a pound of natural white wool from Brown Sheep Mill End Roving which is great quality wool for only $7 a pound!! It came in less than a week and looks gorgeous. Not only did I get a pound of soft, creamy whites, I received several ounces of some brown toned yarn.
soso gorgeous. As soon as I received them I couldn't wait to start spinning with my homemade cd spindle. However, this was a problem as my spindle was extremely light and unbalanced, I could not keep the spindle spinning. My dad lent me an industrial magnet to add to the weight, but this made it even more unbalanced and I got so frustrated I was ready to turn all my beautiful fiber into felted soap.

UNTIL I came upon a topic on Craftster started by equally frustrated drop spindle pseudo-virgins and found the wonderful spinning, knitting, etc. online store Detta's Spindle. She has so many items in stock and unlike most stores, does not attack you with huge shipping prices. In fact, shipping is included in the cost of the item! I ordered a simple drop spindle and Detta was extremely helpful all during the transaction and I would definitely encourage anyone who loves to knit, spin, weave, or felt to check out her site! I could not find where she mentions it on her site, but you can pay for your item via paypal just by sending money to her email address.

Anyways, she shipped my new spindle the day she got my money and in no time at all I received this much more well made spindle

I did a test run of spinning using the bit of wool she sent with the spindle and some directions from and it was a lumpy mess, but I loved it anyways! Finally I broke out the free brown wool that I had received from Brown Sheep Mill End Roving and spun this beauty:

I am so proud and am horrible addicted to spinning from now on! I may dye this with kool-aid to get a more interesting color, but I really like it as it is.

I think I will go spin more right now!


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