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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So I have been spinning like a crazy person lately. I've actually put knitting aside for a while for spinning!
I'm dying the pound of white mill ends with kool-aid using a tutorial on the knitting section of Craftster, but I'm already tired of the color selection of kool-aid dyes and I think I'll move on to cake dyes soon!

I'm still learning about how much wool to dye for spinning, but I think I'll get it right next time! The first time I dyed, I dyed enough for 3 spindlefuls and the second time I only dyed enough for 70 yards of really thin wool.

The first one is Strawberry Shortcake Tours the Milk Farm and was my first dying experience. I made two skeins of this and have lots of roving left over that I will use for felted soaps for gifts or somewhat.
My second skein here is some spun brown freebie mill ends much like the ones I spun before, but I was bored with having the same color and threw some lemon-lime dye on it after spinning and got this strange green color. I call it Frankenstein Goes Trick-or-Treating.
This third skein I dyed on a whim when I was dying some other wools and had a ton of fruit punch dye left over. I stirred up some grape in it and poured it on the wool and spun it. After spinning it looked nice, but boring for handspun so I plied it with some gold-colored thread to make it more interesting. It was my first time plying and I am happy with how it turned out! It is called The Emperor Gets New Robes.
I have a bit more roving left from my latest dying experience and some yarn from the same instance I spun really thin to get more yardage that I think I will ply with some natural white wool to get thicker and bring out the lovely flecked colors more!


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